Red Alert 2 - Ladder - lasers

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#5 1 / 3 40p
1 reconnection errors
59 FPS
37.2 minutes


1xLake Blitzen TL v BR
1xMontana DMZ
1xPirate Bay
1xThe Path More Traveled By

GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
3066IraqretardeddlasersREAmericalaorgemnym0neyRE01:28The Path More Traveled By23:15 15-04-201845SC
3065IraqretardeddlasersW+40Americalaorgemnym0neyL-808:50Lake Blitzen TL v BR23:11 15-04-201859C
3063IraqretardeddlasersLAmericalaorgemnym0neyW+2607:03Yellowstone23:02 15-04-201859C
3061IraqretardeddlasersLAmericalaorgemnym0neyW+2913:29Pirate Bay22:54 15-04-201859C
3058IraqretardeddlasersLAmericalaorgemnym0neyW+3206:25Montana DMZ22:40 15-04-201859C

Hint: Build one or two miners from your war factory at the start of a game.