Red Alert 2 - Ladder - df00

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#3 3 / 4 73p
57 FPS
30.5 minutes


2xLittle Big Bay
1xHeck Freezes Over B v B
1xHeck Freezes Over L v L
1xJungle of Vietnam
1xSouth Pacific TL v BR
1xUrban Marine revisited

GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
3846Iraqdistantqdf00L-8CubavitkohlgrafW+3103:04Little Big Bay00:09 14-02-201858C
3845Iraqdistantqdf00L-8LibyavitkohlgrafW+3502:41Little Big Bay00:04 14-02-201857C
3843Iraqdistantqdf00W+33AmericavitkohlgrafL-604:55Heck Freezes Over B v B00:01 14-02-201858C
3839Iraqdistantqdf00L-6RussiavitkohlgrafW+3503:36Urban Marine revisited23:55 13-02-201858C
3837Iraqdistantqdf00W+33AmericavitkohlgrafL-304:01Jungle of Vietnam23:50 13-02-201857C
3833Iraqdistantqdf00L-3AmericavitkohlgrafW+3505:38Heck Freezes Over L v L23:42 13-02-201859C
3832Iraqdistantqdf00W+32AmericavitkohlgrafL06:38South Pacific TL v BR23:35 13-02-201857C

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